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Duke of Edinburgh - Canoeing

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Mountainwise Risk Assesment for DoE Expeditions [pdf]

Canoe Risk Assessment Mountainwise 2019 [pdf]



1. Training - classroom

In school delivery same as the usual Mountainwise setup.
Subjects to be covered:

  • Aim/purpose

  • Navigation (compasswork and navigation techniques)

  • Equipment (group and personal)

  • First aid

  • Food and nutrition

  • The logistics of their training, practice and assessment

  • Teamwork and expectations when on expedition

  • Twenty conditions

  • Weather

  • Cooking on expedition

  • Mapwork - plan the expedition journey and submit mapwork


2. Mountainwise expedition essentials

Journeys will be designed to fit standard 20 conditions criteria with regards to journey time and environment. Weather conditions are not to exceed the remit of that qualification.

Accommodation will be camping. Candidates will carry all equipment in their canoes. Mountainwise to supply all relevant paddling and safety equipment along with rain gear, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, trangias, fuel, compasses and maps.

Leaders will need to hold the paddlesport leader as a minimum qualification, dbs and 16 hours outdoor first aid.
Expedition plan will need to have all relevant takeouts and the details of the local hospital, expedition leader details, a non expedition contact responsible for the trip on 24 hrs and a site/trip specific risk assessment.


3. Training - on the water

Eight hours on suitable sheltered water. Ideally a journey where we can head up river for a
stretch and then travel back to the starting point.

Suitable river/canal stretches:
Thames (Put in at Pangbourne)
Lee (put in at Mile End)
Stort (put in at Hoddesdon)

Subjects covered will include:

  • Manual handling of boats and equipment

  • PPE and safety equipment

  • Look at canoeing equipment and boat styles

  • Map reading and navigation

  • Forward and backward paddling, solo and tandem

  • River awareness (locks, weirs and features)

  • Food hygiene

  • Self rescue

  • Canoe rescues

4. Practice

Suitable venues such as Medway (from Tonbridge to Maidstone via wild camp at teapot
island) or the Stort (from Bishop Stortford to Hoddesdon via Redricks campsite) would
be ideal.


5. Assessment

As before the Medway, Thames (Cholsbury to Sonning), Stort or even the Wye
(Glasbury to Brewardine) are options depending on the wants and needs of groups.


- Available as a pdf here: DofE Bronze Canoe Outline







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For further information please contact Ann on 07748 632 221 or ann@mountainwise.co.uk

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