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In my capacity as Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, I can thoroughly recommend the service provided by Mountainwise. They have been supremely efficient when it comes to organizing and planning for expeditions, and their long experience really shines through. Communication is good both during and before expeditions, and our students really benefit from the training days that Mountainwise provide. We are happy with the accessibility of the expedition locations, and training weekends are well managed. I can recommend Mountainwise without hesitation.

Noah Hillyard, University College School


Mountainwise has played an integral part of the DofE programme at UCS for many years. We are hugely grateful to them for their support and expertise. The friendly and qualified staff at Mountainwise make each expedition a success and enjoyable for the students and their administrative know-how reduces the complexities of organising the process. Mountainwise takes care of all of our expedition requirements; carefully considering each student and their specific needs. As the DofE programme at UCS grows and develops, we look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Mountainwise, long in to the future.

Damien Armitage, University College School

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Mountainwise provide an outstanding programme by co-ordinating and running the expedition section of the award at Portland Place School. They guide and support students and staff throughout the process providing thorough information at the training day and expeditions. Mountainwise work closely with each individual to help them achieve their goals and alleviate their fears. The team at Mountainwise have been extremely helpful especially when needing advice. The service Mountainwise provide is well organised, efficient and reliable. I would thoroughly recommend Mountainwise to any prospective school or individual alike.

Sophie Pym, Portland Place School

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North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead have been working with Mountainwise for 10 years to complete the expedition element of the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
In 2017 we took out biggest group of Bronze & Silver participants through the expedition process. Mountainwise were very flexible with our requirements, coming into school at the weekend with a team of dedicated staff to provide comprehensive training for all the students. Their detailed itinerary covered first aid, food & nutrition and navigation as they ensured all 70 pupils met the standard required to participate in the expeditions. The Mountainwise staff were polite, friendly, supportive and encouraging of all the pupils as they worked in small, focussed teams of 6 or 7.

Throughout the practice and assessment expeditions in Essex the Mountainwise staff remained positive, encouraging and energetic as they worked alongside the pupils; motivating and supporting them, paying close attention to any pupils with specific needs.
Thanks to the dedicated team at Mountainwise all 70 pupils completed their Bronze and Silver awards in 2017. Throughout the process the have developed new friendships, teamwork, communication confidence and resilience important soft skills that can be applied to many elements of life beyond the classroom.

Parents have also commented how much the children enjoyed the scheme: "Lola has really enjoyed doing DofE and has got a lot out of it." Year 9 parent.

Ann, Debs & their team are always very friendly and serve up a delicious meal in the evenings on expedition!

Ariana Oliver, North Bridge House School

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Mountainwise is very different from many other Outdoor Education providers in that young people are not seen just as a product on a conveyor belt young peoples' experiences, welfare and enjoyment are of paramount importance positive skills 'learning by doing' which can set young people up for life.
I have known a number of key staff with the company for over 18 years and can vouch for the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in ensuring that young people have access to high quality experiences through the medium of Outdoor Education and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to other working professionals working with young people Mountainwise is a company enabling young people to achieve!

Dave Thorley, Duke of Edinburgh Award Officer

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We have now been working with Mountainwise for a number of years and have always found them to be both professional and reliable. They take great care with all aspects of the Expeditions they run for us from the thorough training through to qualifying. The boys speak highly of their experiences with Mountainwise and often go on to take their Silver Award using them as their approved provider. I would definitely recommend their service.

Elaine White, Queen Elizabeth's School

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We have worked with Mountainwise for many years and we always found the company very helpful. The students enjoy the experience every time and make the most of it. We highly recommend it.

Natalia Lamas, Francis Holland School


Mountainwise creates a fun and enjoyable environment for the girls atourschoolto complete the expedition section of the award.

Hermione Williams, Francis Holland School


Pupils at Francis Holland School

The experience of doing all DofE levels with Mountainwise was a very pleasant experience with friendly and helpful supervisors and assessors; the experience was very positive overall.
The company was very well organised and equipped with anything we needed to borrow.

Emily Evangelou (Gold)


Our Mountainwise instructors were always very helpful from Bronze to Gold. They prepared us well for the assessment and made the Gold award very enjoyable.

Dani Dunkley (Gold)



james from mountainwise on an indoor climbing wall



My daughter joined the D of E Bronze Awardprogramme facilitated byMountainwise this year and I cannot recommend them enough. Their programme provided a safe and professional environment to enable my daughter to have a challenging and confidence-building experience of the D of E programme.

My daughter suffers from a long term, chronic health condition and the team ensured that they were fully briefed on it prior to the trainingweekend. She is a determined and reliable girl and it was clear that over the course of theweekend, the team recognised this and did everything they could to ensure she was able to complete it.


The form that asked about medical conditions was very comprehensive and allowed parents to explain fully what the nature of any possible problems were. I was contacted by one of the coordinators by phone soon after signing up to the programme who had gone through the form and wanted to ensure she and her team were fully aquainted with Isabella's condition. I was asked a series of questions that enabled the coordinator to know exactly what symptoms may be triggered by the nature of the weekend. There was no presumption at all on her part as to what the problems might be. She listened patiently to everything I had to say and clearly made notes throughout the conversation. I was left feeling completely confident that Isabella was in safe hands and she enjoyed the training weekend thoroughly.


On the actual assessmentweekend, one of the team coordinators cycled between the check points and kept a close eye on the girls for signs of dehydration or any problems given the level of heat that weekend. They were very aware of the fact that the heat could cause problems for the girls. He ensured they kept drinking and noticed immediately when Isabella approached one of the checkpoints that she was unwell. She was made to sit down, drink water and was questioned to establish exactly what was wrong. She was then taken back to camp where we were immediately called with the recommendation that she be taken home. Isabella felt completely safe in their care.


Moreover, following the assessmentweekend, Mountainwise contacted the school to say that they felt that Isabella should be given a second chance to complete the weekend during the Autumn, when it would not be as hot. They fully recognised that the heat exacerbated her symptoms. She is looking forward to completing the award this weekend in their care.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in sending Isabella back into their care on any expedition they may organise. Isabella herself, despite her condition, feels very confident about returning and has no worries at all as to what might happen if she were to become unwell, knowing that they are well equipped to deal with any eventuality.

- Citra Abbott




I have experienced working with Mountainwise for 15 years now,as both a DoE School Leader, booking their services for Bronze and Silver Expeditions and, now employed by them as an Instructor and Assessor.
In this time I have always found the services they provide to be top rate. Mountainwise provide friendly and informativesupportfor both participants and staff. Their standards are high and under constant review. All participants in their Training andExpedition Packageenjoyevery opportunity to fulfil their potential with many choosing to go on and attempt higher levels within the Award.

- Steve


I started with Mountainwise a few years ago, when I was first looking into this type of working environment. The team members worked with me to create an excellent understanding of the DofE process and how to help children have an adventure as well. Ann and Debs have put together a team that contains a wealth of experience that not only helps the children, but also the other instructors/assessors. My career has been helped massively while working with Mountainwise.

- Shane

Mountainwise are a fantastic company to work for. They offer a great DofE product which is evidenced by the huge amount of repeat business they get. Ann, Debs and James are constantly striving to improve working conditions for staff and ask our opinions on many different aspects of the business. Not only that but they listen to our feedback and make changes wherever possible.
I have been impressed by Mountainwise's consistently high standards. I would strongly recommend them.

- Eoin


MountainWise is a great company to work for. The team is super friendly and really supportive of each other, making it a professional and fun environment to work in.
- Tamsin


Mountainwise is a very professional organisation to work for. I have been with them for some time now and I like their methodical and detailed approach which ensures the safety and well being of both the young people and the staff who support them. There is always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone is supported and encouraged.
- Annie


Working for Mountainwise is like teaming up with a big group of people that pursue the same goals helping each other along the way. Constantly motivated to improve.

- Pablo


I have worked for Mountainwise for nine years. Having enjoyed long distance walking and been fascinated by maps from a young age, this enables me to pass on my knowledge and experience to Duke of Edinburgh participants, some of whom have spent their whole life living in a city. All the instructors work closely as a team and have the joint aim of fostering an appreciation of the countryside in the young people, and helping them complete their expeditions as successfully as possible.
- Derry Ann

First and foremost it is great place to work. The staff are always helpful and supportive with any issue or need you might have. There are no two days which are the same, sometimes it can be challenging but at the same time rewarding. Personally what I like the most is that people come from all different backgrounds and with different experiences so it is an amazing place to learn and develop yourself. So If you like camping, outdoors, walking, teaching, fresh air and sun then this maybe the place for you.

- Bartek





Until quite recently Ann, Deb and the team from Mountainwise had used the meadow at the back of my house as the base for their DofE Awards students to camp for between 2 to 5 days.


I would like to say, in all that time, I never had cause for complaint but found the students were always respectful of the environment and the people living in the vicinity, never making undue noise early mornings when they were setting out with their maps or in the evening when they were back in camp and were so obviously enjoying themselves playing football or just setting-up camp, it was just good to hear groups of young people enjoying the great outdoors and getting along so well as a team, very character building.
- Philippa



We feel that Mountainwise do a brilliant job educating young adults about the wilderness/nature and surviving in these conditions. The children conduct themselves very well they are courteous, polite and maintain the camp site keeping it clean and tidy, respecting their environment and those surrounding it. They keep the
noise to a minimum and show full respect in particular to us residents.

We feel that Mountainwise do an important job, they are approachable and friendly and we feel we have built up a good rapport with the staff. We hope their work continues and we would encourage our children to participate in this activity in the future.

- Louise and Martin




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